Adopt a wild meerkat and help conserve meerkats in the wild!
Date: Monday, December 22 @ 11:54:11 UTC
Topic: Conservation

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The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project's MEERKAT MAGIC MOMENTS are Wildlife Films from Grant M. Mc Ilrath - A.K.A - The Meerkat Man a professionally qualified Nature Conservation Biologist and internationally published wildlife researcher and Director and owner of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project and The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve - involved with numerous meerkat / suricate films with the BBC; National Geographic; Discovery Channel and more since 1993 and ongoing (over 20 years of fieldwork with two subspecies of the 3 recognised with thousands of hours of wildlife viewing experience).

Bringing you the REAL wildlife film - no post editing or pre-determined scripting or set ups when filming wildlife here - an unedited wildlife documentary behind the scenes and science. No tame, or fed, captured, marked, radio collared, handled animals here - only Wild and Free reserve protected species.

There are 150 + free online conservation videos from MEERKAT MAGIC MOMENTS - UNCUT of our Wild and Free meerkats and free meerkat greeting card images from our Wild and Free meerkat conservation research since 1993 and ongoing: Press here

Adopt a Wild meerkat and help support conservation - signed supporter certificate, meerkat poster and meerkat conservation information delivered globally from Britain: Press here

Your anonymous vote can help spread an awareness about the meerkat / suricate pet trade and aid Conservation Through Education – please vote here: Press here

** FREE TO JOIN ** The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project CAUSE and Help conserve Wild and Free meerkats / suricates in the wild!

Every Wild and Free meerkat / suricate conservation supporter is asked to help spread an increasing awareness about conserving Wild and Free meerkats / suricates and their habitat- being in our cause is FREE and the objective is to encourage CONSERVATION THROUGH EDUCATION - so for every additional person who joins our cause, we are achieving this goal - thank you!

** GLOBAL MEERKAT FRIENDS become a WILDLIFE PROTECTOR = Applied Global Conservation Through Education = Wild and Free meerkats and their habitat conservation = Protecting Wild meerkats since 1993! ** The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project - Help conserve Wild and Free meerkats in the wild!

The Wild and Free meerkat / suricate conservation cause with The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project Press here

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