The Best Meerkat Friendly Supporters for January 2007
Date: Saturday, February 03 @ 21:30:52 UTC
Topic: Meerkat Magic Tourism

The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project has many national and international supporters who are conservation aware and now also referred to as "Meerkat Friendly Supporters".

Every month, starting from January 2005, the best supporting clients/ Meerkat Friendly Supporters of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project, including accommodation establishments, tour operators and all other businesses will be ranked according to the number of guests that they have sent to this self funded conservation project, which is mainly funded by Observe and Conserve eco-tourism, or other contributions that they make to The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project for that month.

Any client/ Meerkat Friendly Supporter who does not wish to have a commission for guest recommendations to The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project will be listed as a Major Meerkat Friendly Supporter under our Sponsor section of The Wild Web Site. They will also receive preference for all referrals that The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project sends to them, before other clients/ Meerkat Friendly Supporters.

Please note that only those clients who actually have confirmed bookings for guests to The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project will be listed under The Best Project Supporters for any given month and when guests visit. Only guests who make a donation are listed / counted.

This article only indicates guests referred to The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project by Meerkat Friendly Supporters and not all guests who have visited from other areas, non clients. Sunset and Sunrise Tours are regarded as separate visits for guests and added accordingly for all clients / Meerkat Friendly Supporters.

You can find out more about this marketing incentive and how to earn a commissions for being a client/ Meerkat Friendly Supporter and how to become involved in The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project the only Wild meerkat / suricate conservation field project in the world today!- everybody is welcome, under the following link: Press here

To see the Sponsors of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project to date, please press here.

Starting from the end of 2005 there will be a Best Project Supporter Ranking for the Top 10 highest ranked clients/ Meerkat Friendly Supporters and remaining rankings, for each year, supporting Observe and Conserve sustainable Eco- Tourism and alternative land usage, wildlife habitat conservation management practices of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project!

The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project will give all guests to this wildlife research/ conservation/ education/ film and tourism Project, preference on wildlife tours, if they stay with clients/ Meerkat Friendly Supporters who support The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project (due to very limited tour group sizes, all bookings are checked with this in mind).

Each client/ Meerkat Friendly Supporter will have their name mentioned and will be ranked at the end of each month when possible. For all listed Meerkat Friendly Supporters there is a hyperlink from this article to our Links & Listings pages where you can find their details.

To go to our Meerkat Friendly Supporter Links & Listings pages please press here!


Total guests sent: 19 guests


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