BOOK SALE: FOR THE LOVE OF WILDLIFE by Chris Mercer and Beverley Pervan
Date: Monday, July 23 @ 15:06:54 UTC
Topic: Conservation

Did you ever get bothered by a fly that just won't leave you alone?! Watch this meerkat / suricate and fly dance...

A meerkat / suricate gives a response to a persistent fly buzzing around their head! Watch Shongololo from the Wild and Free Ungulungu meerkat / suricate group of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project in The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve.

FOR THE LOVE OF WILDLIFE by Chris Mercer and Beverley Pervan - Front of Book FOR THE LOVE OF WILDLIFE by Chris Mercer and Beverley Pervan.

A brief excerpt from this very special must have book:

"This is the true story of the Harnas Lion Farm in Namibia and of the extraordinary sacrifices and experiences which the Van de Merwe family has undergone to save from persecution hundreds of wild animals including forty lions, leopards and cheetah. A story of a young girl and her beloved lion, Mufasa, and the tragedy which can tear a family apart. The tale of Bagheera the crippled cheetah who captured peoples' hearts.

A rich tapestry woven through with death, danger, mistakes and rescues. It is an eloquent protest against the ongoing loss of wild habitat and destruction of wildlife in Southern Africa."

About the Authors:

Chris Mercer was born in Salisbury - now Harare - in 1946. He grew up in small towns around Northern and Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in an era when lions and elephant frequented the rural golf courses.
He studied law at the University College of Rhodesia and obtained an L.L.B (London) Hons. in 1968, before practising as a trial lawyer in Zimbabwe for thirteen years.

Beverley Pervan was born and raised in Durban, South Africa. Her self-reliant and adventurous spirit which has taken her sailing the Atlantic to the Americas in a small boat, now complements her dedication to caring for wildlife.

Their love of the African bushveld and concern for the wanton destruction of wild habitat prompted them to write "For the Love of Wildlife".

FOR THE LOVE OF WILDLIFE by Chris Mercer and Beverley Pervan - Back of Book

FOR THE LOVE OF WILDLIFE by Chris Mercer and Beverley Pervan - Back of Book

All proceeds from the sale of this book go towards supporting animal rehabilitation and wildlife research / conservation! Buy yours today and help conserve our heritage.

Buying this book from The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project who is a friend of the Authors helps fund wildlife research/ conservation/ education at The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project as well as support the Authors ongoing excellent conservation work.

Dimensions: height: 280 mm; width: 190 mm; Thickness: 22 mm.

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